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Telephone numbers of interest in Tenerife

We have selected someTenerife city phones, which will make your trip much easier.

Unexpected problems can arise during a trip, which you did not have; changes of plans and routes, in which it is necessary to improvise; or simply need to have more information than one has ...

We think that these phones can be useful in any unexpected situation.

Telephone numbers of the Tenerife Information and Tourism Offices
Telephone Information and Tourism Board of Santa Cruz of Tenerife92223 95 92
Telephone Municipal Office of Tourism in Santa Cruz of Tenerife922 53 33 53
Telephone Information and Tourism Office of the Tenerife airport922 635 192
Telephone Information and Tourism Office of The lagoon922 631 194
Telephone Information and Tourism Office of La Orotava922 32 30 41
Telephone Information and Tourism Office of Cross port922 38 60 00
Telephone Information and Tourism Office of Arona- Beach of the Americas922 797 668
Telephone numbers of the Administrative Institutions of Tenerife
Telephone Island Council of Tenerife92223 95 00
Santa Cruz Town Hall Telephone922.606.000
Tenerife Transport Telephones
PhoneAirport902 404 704
Transmediterranean Telephone902.454.645
PhoneCompañía Autobuses Urbanos Santa Cruz922 531 300
Telephone National Directorate of Traffic900123 505
Provincial Traffic Headquarters Telephone Santa Cruz922 25 5548 / 49
Tenerife Emergency Telephone Numbers
Santa Cruz Emergency Phone112
National Police Telephone Santa Cruz091
Local Police Telephone Santa Cruz092
Telephone Civil Guard Santa Cruz062
Telephone Civil Protection of Santa Cruz922282 202
TelephoneCruz Roja Santa Cruz902.222.292
Social Security Phone Santa Cruz922 470 100
TelephoneAmbulances La Luguna922 610 516/620505/621 010
Telephone Ambulances Los Cristianos922 792 949
Ambulance Telephone Puerto de la Cruz922 383 812
Telephone: Firefighters Santa Cruz922 606 080/220 080
La Orotava Fire Department Telephone922 330 080/331 821
Telephone Firefighters La Laguna922 601100
Maritime Security and Rescue Phone900.202.202
Telephone Municipal Crane Warehouse Santa Cruz922 211 907/287358
Road Help Phone91 742 12 13
Teleruta Telephone900 12 35 05
Telephone Numbers for Cancellation of Bank Cards in Spain
Telephone 4 B- VISA Electron - Master Card - VISA902114400/ 913626200
Dinner'sClub Phone902401112
Servired Telephone (VISA-VISA Electron-MasterCard)902192100
American Express phone902375637
TelephoneRed 6000915965335
Telephone Caja Madrid902246810
Telephone El Corte Inglés901122122

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