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May 2013 to print

We already have our calendar available May 2013 to download. Print our calendar to prepare and organize your agenda. Appointments, tasks, events write down all your activities so as not to forget anything, remember that this month of May you have at least one important appointment since in many countries Mother's Day is celebrated.

May is a full month and, here we leave you the may 2013 free printable calendar,

He calendar for May 2013 in Spain collects important dates and events such as: day 1 is worker's day, day 2 is Madrid's day, day 5 is mother's day, on day 10 there is a lunar eclipse… In addition to many other celebrations locations and important personal dates of each.

We can customize our may calendar with drawings, photos ... for example, on Workers' Day (which is a holiday) we can put the image of a sofa, on Mother's Day a children's drawing ... and thus make each day special just by looking at our super calendar.

To download the file, click on the image or on the following link:

  • to download May 2013 calendar

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