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Sensual phrases for lovers in love, secret lovers, furtive lovers ... Phrases to express the passion of lovers and the intense feeling of the intimacy of love.

♥ To see your naked body is to see the thousand wonders together, it is thunder, it is calm, it is the beauty that is palpable, it is my madness ...

♥ Making love to you is so indescribable that the only thing I can ask you to do is do it and do it more ...

♥ I would be inside you all my life. And if I go out, it would be to go in again and not go out.

♥ You have lips like strawberries, I love to eat from your lips and make your body mine.

♥ Meeting you and making love to you is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

♥ Your hair is like silk, your belly my pillow, your eyes my passion ...

♥ Your breasts make you walk to the pyramids of Egypt ...

♥ Every time you move in my bed, I feel the earth shake.

♥ I would eat you every millimeter of your skin, I would hug you until I merge with every inch of your body.

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